Bahamas celebrates 40 years
Rev Timothy Stewart

It is with joy that I greet you on the Official web page of Bethel Baptist Church. I greet you at a time when people are facing so many difficult experiences. Many of those experiences have left them discouraged, rejected and confused. It is because of this, that I call upon you to place your trust and your confidence in the Word of God to sustain you, strengthen you, inspire you and to guide you. You must “press” your way through with God if you want all that God has planned for your life. You would find that with your trust in God He will be with you to assist you at all times, through whatever you are experiencing. There is NO failure in God. You can depend and rely on Him in bringing you through. Sometimes, it may seem easy to do what is wrong and hard to do what is right, but do what is right in spite of how hard it is, because, if you “press” your way through, God promises to deliver you, and if you are right God will fight your battle. Remember, always keep God first in everything that you do, and if you lean not to your own understanding, God WILL direct your path, but you must “press”.

                                                                                   Rev. Timothy Stewart 
                                                                                   Pastor, Bethel Baptist Church

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